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I was born in Erzurum, Turkey in 1991.

I am an experienced graphic designer who has BFA and MFA degrees in Graphic Design and over 10-years of work experience. I am an experienced graphic designer who has BFA and MFA degrees in Graphic Design and over 10-years of work experience.

I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016 where I acquired a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Visual Experience. In school, besides graphic design education, I focused on design research, design theories, experimental typography, design process, human-centered design, and user-experience design. I am fluent in English, and native-speaker in Turkish. Along with my education, I have managed to pursue a career as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Creative Director since 2009. I have worked with hundreds of companies and am experienced in:

  • Developing visual branding strategies for companies from various backgrounds,
  • Creating unique logos and visual identities,
  • Designing visual communication materials in traditional media; such as posters, flyers, catalogs, books etc.,
  • Designing digital and online web interfaces, mobile applications,
  • Consulting clients to achieve their communication goals,
  • Creating packaging designs and graphics for promotional materials.

I am also experienced in managing visual communication projects for large-scale events and organizations. I worked as an Art Director and Creative Director in sports events organized by FISU (International University Sports Federation), FIS (International Ski Federation), EOC (European Olympic Committees), World Curling Federation, and European Curling Federation.

My work always involves three main principles: creative problem solving, simplicity, and utility. Before the design process, I always outline my clients’ goals and undergo an ideation process in order to achieve their communication goals with added values through my work principals.

What I can do for you is to:

  • Create unique designs that can always work for your needs,
  • Consult you throughout your visual branding process,
  • Design based on your needs and your audience’s needs,
  • Develop successful projects that are a result of a comprehensive ideation process, 10-years-of-experience, and design research.

I am most satisfied and keep my fees at the lowest rate when I work for:

  • Companies or individuals that have meaningful goals and products,
  • Non-profits,
  • Animal shelters and rescues,
  • Human rights advocates,
  • Scientific, communal, sports, cultural events to share knowledge and talents to inspire other communities.

Overall, being an experienced graphic designer, I feel highly responsible for everything I create that eventually constitutes my portfolio. With my education, experience, and work ethics, I will be competent in helping you through your visual communication journey.

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