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HOPE is a board game that reflects the problems regarding immigration, health care, and politics to create a better understanding of these issues. The idea was inspired by Donald Trump’s 100 Day Plan, which was released during his presidential campaign. Throughout the game, the players seek hope by migrating to a fictional planet, Titan, because there is no longer life on Earth. Not only do they start a new life by finding jobs, going to college, and completing tasks, but they also undergo particular obstacles and discriminations that can cause an ultimate failure for them.

While the game touches the prevailing problems in an entertaining way, it also aims at fostering empathy for the real victims of these issues.

Selecting the topic

After presenting the three topics and evaluating with the class, Trumpopoly was selected to be developed and created. Furthermore; to make the project more effective, a futuristic theme has been added and the project name has been changed. In this way, the board game reveals the problems of immigrants who search for a refuge to start a new life. The game named ‘HOPE’ brings up other issues aside from immigration, such as recent problems regarding religion, racism, and xenophobia. Donald Trump is represented as The Yuge, the emperor of a planet called Titan, and welcomes players with his statements consisting of real Trump quotes. Overall, the game touches the current issues and problems in the world by using a fantastic world, characters, and objectives.


The game is named HOPE, and a new logo was designed to represent the theme and the background. The logo consists of letters and one red line overlapping the letter ‘H’, evoking a sense of blood. The position of the red line, in fact, creates a different appearance and ambiguity about whether it is H or N.



The icons are designed to support the futuristic theme and to categorize tasks. They have been used in card designs and instructions of the game.


To visualize and represent Donald Trump and current issues, the main character of the game is illustrated by using Donald Trump’s anatomical and facial features.


Badges help players to collect more money as they complete the tasks. Especially, the Titan badge is designed to refer to a Green Card, that gives immigrants working and living permission in the United States. Players who get Titan badge can start a new career in the game. In this way, some current issues regarding immigrants are reflected.



There are three types of cards in the game; tasks, jail, and job cards. Tasks cards are designed in different categories, every card has random information about whether a player gets or spends money, collects badges, or is faced with a disease or disaster. A jail card is picked if players land on red square in order to learn the punishment. Job cards identify players salary and insurance values.




GDVX-702 Ideation Models and Process


Professor(s): Rhonda Arntsen & Jorge Montero

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